Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just Ask a Farmer

“Agriculture is the science of applying all known sciences.”
What important message does the general public need to know about Agriculture?
I asked this question in class recently to generate a discussion. It was a rewarding experience to hear how the students felt about the public’s perception of Agriculture and what they really need to know.
Here are some of the responses that the students feel the general public needs to know about Agriculture:
·         Farmers are the biggest advocates for the environment and use best conservation practices.
·         Learn where their food comes from, how it is created, and the hard work that goes in to food production.
·         High food prices are not to be blamed on those that produce it.
·         The crops we produce supply more than food to the world.
·         Don’t take agriculture for granted.
·         Get your education from the actual people in agriculture not from someone’s opinion. Find out the facts from an actual farmer.
·         Learn how food really gets to your table.
·         Learn the difference between animal welfare and animal rights.
·         Farming isn’t easy. It takes education and management skills.
·         It’s not going away and everyone needs it to survive.
·         Farmers feed the world.
·         Appreciate where your food comes from.
·         If you have questions about Agriculture or where your food comes from just ask a farmer!
I was excited to hear how passionate they are about the career path they’ve chosen and that they are not afraid to share it. I was impressed how quickly they responded to defend agriculture.  They know the consumer is not getting the “right” information and understand how important education from the right source is.
“You see real ongoing, lifelong education doesn’t answer questions; it provokes them.” Luci Swindoll

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