Thursday, January 2, 2014

My One-Word for 2014

One-Word, not a resolution for my New Year, but my focus. 

Good morning on the second day of 2014! It's a new year and instead of setting new years resolutions I am choosing One Word to focus on daily in both my personal and business life. As I read through the list of word ideas the one word that kept coming to mind is a word that I've tried to implement in my world for the past couple of years. It seems it always comes up when I think about the items on my to do list. So by choosing it as my One Word for 2014 it will be at the top of every to do list so that as I look at each item on the list my focus will be not only to accomplish the task it will be to "Simplify" the task. Whether it is how to simplify the specific task or to simplify the process in order to get the task done. End result, less things on my to do list and more accomplished! That is just one example of where I plan to focus my One Word. My plan is to focus on where that One Word can come in to play in all aspects of my daily life therefore feeling a little lighter in my step through life because I have kept it simple, hence simplified the action or thought! K.I.S.S. --Keep It Simple Silly  

Check out the One-Word website:

Some ideas for your One-Word:
Gratitude, Gracious, less, Hopeful, Passion, Purpose, DWELL, Implement, Inspirational, treasure, resilient, Gratefulness, Healing, Fire, Positive, #kai·ros, Selfless, PRODUCTIVE, commits, Excellence, nest, assiduity, Strive, Knowledge, Intersection, Taste, perseverance, Bold, Move, Naked, Control, Invest, Attend, Happiness, Confidence, Build, Happy, seek, strength, Na, deliberate, Nourish, SOW, Renovate, Credibility, Experience, Crucible, Organized, Balance, Zen, Change, determined, Unafraid, Unity, FOLLOW, Persevere, Resolve, welcome, Leap, Discovery, Mercy-Giver, Awareness, spontaneous, chooselife, Presence, LIGHT, Conquerer, adapt, Still, plan, Create, Rock, worship, Serve, Compassion, nourishment, YES, Dependence, Survive, Deliverance, Write, BRAVE, Acceptance, Focus, Celebrate, Laugh, joy, Fit, whatsoever, Patience, Pursue, Innovate, strong, Engage, faith, Vision, open, Jump, Improvement, uplift

What is your One-Word for 2014? Please share. I'd love to know what your focus in 2014 will be.