Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Chapters of JOY

Warning: This is a post of pure JOY
I have been wanting to share this and just haven't sat down to take the time. A few good things I will be adding to my book of "Only stuff (s__t) that happens to Bonnie" or maybe it should be "Only Joy that happens to Bonnie" no matter there would have to be the chapters of either in the book.
I added a couple new chapters this past month...Miracles, Karma & Random Acts of Kindness (given and received) yes, received. I've done the pay it forward before in the drive thru at Scooters and McDonalds but until 3 weeks ago I had not been the recipient. WOW there really is such a thing as Karma. I'm a giver by nature so I don't think about being the recipient when I give. I'm only thinking about the Joy it's going to bring to the person receiving it. 
Well, the day after Jerry's surgery, my daughter, Molly and I drove through Scooter's in Lincoln (56th & Pine Lake). We ordered breakfast and coffees. Well when we got to the window to pay and get our order the gal told us ours had been paid for. I cried, and the look on the girls face said it all. She has to love that part of her job. So at that point I'm loving Lincoln that much more, right? It's Christmas time, I was living in a miracle haze of 'is this real life' and then that happened. It doesn't stop there. On Friday, Jerry needed rest so I decided to take a little me time and go get a pedicure. Guess what? Another random act of kindness was handed to me. I went to pay and a lady had already paid for my pedicure. The day got better after an amazing massage, I went to Trader Joe's, another happy place of mine and as I was checking out had the typical conversation with the checker. He asked if I found everything and I said I always find too much and go overboard, I don't get there too often. Where are you from and what brings you to town? I said, my husband had a bypass a couple days ago and we are from Battle Creek a couple hours away. I guiltily wasn't paying attention to his reaction as I was busy inserting my card with a chip, (lol, the joys of those new cards)and paying for my groceries. As I went to push my cart out he said wait a minute and another checker came speeding over to hand me a bouquet of flowers. Yeah, 3 random acts in two days. I couldn't help but be in such a joyful Christmas mood I headed over to Von Maur, another happy place, especially at Christmas time. Smiling all the while I shopped. Then I stopped at Panera and picked up my supper to go and as I walked out I turned around and asked the couple just ordering if they had ordered dessert. They said no and I handed them some cash and said, get some dessert on me. Merry Christmas. 
So there you have it my few days of miracles, karma, and random acts of kindness that brought more Joy than one could imagine. 
My heart still beats out of my chest every time I recall the memories of that week.