Sunday, May 8, 2016

Being a Mom is hard...

Being a Mom is hard…
… You are stronger than you think!

As I was driving on Mother’s Day morning I was thinking about how hard it is to be a mom.
Thinking of where I myself find strength. To be honest, one of my daily affirmations is telling myself, that I am stronger than I think. Praying for strength for whatever comes my way, sometimes hourly. Seems like, almost daily I am reminding friends who share they are struggling with something that they too are stronger than they think, even on my weakest days. Some appear to be strong, and some fragile, but we(moms) all have that one thing in common, we are moms and being a mom is hard. I thought about some of the strongest moms I know, knowing the struggles they have been through or are going through. I started taking notice of things in nature that God gave us to remind us of perseverance and strength and I thought about infants/toddlers learning new things for the first time.

I started mentally making a list of things and situations that in spite of how fragile they look or feel remind us of God’s promise for strength and peace for all of us. 

So in my deep thoughts I thought of things around me personally that reassure us of our strength, just as his words reassure us in Phillipians 4:13; I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I start with moms. We all come from totally different backgrounds and family situations. I think we all know the typical mom struggles, juggling just the everyday tasks to attempt to keep everything and everyone moving forward throughout the day. I think of the strength of the mom who never met their child. The mom who lost a child. The faith of those who are yearning to be a mom. The mom who is doing it alone. The mom of a special needs child or even two. Moms that never knew their mom or had a mom that raised them. The mom who's child is graduating from high school. The moms who have lost their moms. These mom's give me strength watching their strength and perseverance. All moms are given God’s promise of strength to never give up even when their Faith seems as small as a mustard seed, Matthew 17:20.

Next, flowers, I am writing this as a reminder to myself and moms everywhere that God made us strong, just as he made Alliums and so many other flowers strong enough to stand tall and mighty, staying beautiful against wind gusts that could lay them flat. Do they always look beautiful against the struggles of nature? No, they struggle and show the wear and tear yet they still bloom.

The last thing on my list I wrote was an infant/toddler learning to walk. No matter how many times they fall down they get back up and try again. Recently in the news I saw this amazing toddler gymnast that when asked about what happens when she falls down, she very innocently replied, I get back up and try again.
In closing, you now know a few things I was thinking about when I reminded myself that being a mom is hard.  Other moms, flowers, and infant/toddlers. I want to hear from you. When you think of how being a mom is hard what things remind you, that in spite of how fragile they might look they remind of you of God’s promise of strength and peace and faith even as small as a mustard seed.

Here's a clip to end this deep post on a fun note.
 Being a Mother is hard