Wednesday, July 27, 2011

“95% of Farms are Family Farms”

Setting a few facts straight....
…about the public’s perception of Farming/Agriculture        
Check out this recent blog post that will help set a few facts straight about farming:

Getting The Facts Right

I like this post because it is easy to read and paints a truer picture about farming. Family farms are still struggling to survive even with the decent prices being paid for commodities. Just because the prices have been good doesn’t mean that farmers have become instantly rich. Losses can take years to overcome.
If you know a farmer or even if you don’t, find one, or follow one or visit one and ask them your questions about agriculture and your food supply. A farmer is the most reliable resource if you want “educated” and “experienced” answers about food production. They will not only tell you about what effects them, based on public perception, but how agriculture affects you as well. Get the truth.

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